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WohnenNext - digital home insurance

Donau Versicherung
Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Elevator pitch

Have you ever thought about uncomplicated, realtime and innovative insurance? DONAU WohnenNext is exactly that - an end-to-end online household insurance, which delivers the policy within 30 seconds and therefore is Austria's fastest policy.

Innovation Presentation

WohnenNext is the first end-to-end digital and fully automated household insurance in the Austrian insurance market. Combining a state-of-the art digital product with the expertise of the DONAU sales staff, WohnenNext creates a whole new experience on how to conclude an insurance in the 21st century.

What was the story behind the project? Nowadays it is obvious that customers are used to easy and fast online shopping processes. This correlates with a fast increasing number of digital natives and customer expectations. Customers are annoyed by time consuming and complex purchasing processes and insurance is definitely not an exemption.

Therefore the main focus of WohnenNext is clearly on the customer. Through transparent, personalized…

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