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Assicurazioni Generali (Italy)
Workforce Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

The Generali We SHARE App is the first App created at Group level to reach employees worldwide. The App is the go-to destination for members of We SHARE, the first share plan for Group employees of its kind for Generali. The App gives updates about the We SHARE Plan, Generali’s Strategy and performance, the outcome of We SHARE’s donations to The Human Safety Net Foundation, as well as easy access to Generali news, the Group media press reviews and the Top Managers LinkedIn profiles, all placed conveniently in one single spot. The App also features an exclusive Financial Education Program designed to boost financial literacy among participants, improving their understanding of fundamental concepts in financial decision-making. The We SHARE App, with over 5,000 users and +200 contents, is a convenient, user-friendly tool to have a complete overview of all the news and initiatives being carried out in Generali, an all-inclusive source of information that makes it easy to keep up to date.

Innovation Presentation

Generali’s ambition is to foster a meritocratic environment, where people performance is recognised and rewarded. Within the Generali People 2021 Strategy, this is possible through our Reward ambition, which encourages alignment with the strategic objectives and employee participation in sustainable value creation. To this end, in 2019 we developed and launched We SHARE, the first share plan for Group employees of its kind for Generali, with the goal of encouraging the highest number of people around the world to become Generali shareholders. With more than 21,000 employees and a participation rate of 35.3%, We SHARE was a resounding success.

To keep in touch with this wide population base, we launched “The Owners’ Club” and its go-to re…

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