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Vida Viva Bradesco

Bradesco Seguros
Product & Service Innovation 2022

Elevator pitch

Insurer launches a new Life and Pension product that promises to change the perception of the life insurance market. Vida Viva Bradesco is a product that adapts to all stages of the insured's life, and can even be used during life, through 12 assistance options that we make available in the product.

Innovation Presentation

Vida Viva Bradesco was created to change the market's perception of life insurance. For decades, taking out a policy directly referred to protection for the family in case of death, now this gesture has incorporated an even broader meaning: life insurance is becoming a solution to be enjoyed during life as well.

Designed for all stages of our client's life, Vida Viva Bradesco has a wide age range of acceptance from 18 to 80 years old for death coverage.

The wide range of customizable coverage, combined with an understanding of the moment in life and the real needs of policyholders, makes Vida Viva Bradesco a solution for all audiences, especially young people.

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