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Urban Data

Ethias Assurance
Social, Sustainable & Responsible

Elevator pitch

Urban Data, the smart data mapping that helps local governements improve the security & liveability of their communities

Innovation Presentation

UrbanData aims to help municipalities in the decision-making process that precedes public policies in various fields and in monitoring their impact.

By using aggregated data from different sources, the tool makes it possible to identify, select and analyse different types of accidents that have happened over a long period of time on the territory of the municipality.

It collects data on car accidents (theft, fire, civil liability, property damage, natural disasters, etc.), work accidents and accidents on the way to and from work, general liability of cities and municipalities, fire (theft, fire, water damage, natural disasters, etc.) in addition to the municipality's own data.

The Urban Data tool visualises the localised damage ca…

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