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SNACK by Income

NTUC Income
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Elevator pitch

A fin-lifestyle app that helps build up your investments and insurance a little at a time through your daily activities; so that you can focus on living your best life while we sort out your finances with our lifestyle top-ups, cashback, and deal subscription features. Stack free Cashback in the form of insurance coverage and investment units when you spend with your favourite brands!

Innovation Presentation

Insurers in Singapore have been resilient, effectively navigating industry challenges over the years, as well as adopting new regulatory requirements. As consumers evolve to seek choice, convenience, and personalisation in their products and services, so must insurers to ensure these changing needs are met while proving greater accessibility to insurance.

As one of Singapore's leading composite insurance provider of life, health, and general insurance, Income constantly seeks to disrupt the industry by breaking the barriers of conventional insurance. This has led to an innovative, industry-first lifestyle-based insurance proposition that revolutionises the way consumers engage with, purchase, and obtain insurance in Singapore.


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