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SkillSity - BAGIC's Universe of Learning

Bajaj Allianz
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

At BAGIC we have always believed that organizational learning plays a key role in gaining competitive advantage in the market. With the objective of continuous upskilling and reskilling of employees for growth acceleration, SkillSity - An AI Powered, Personalized Learning Experience Platform was launched. SkillSity is a new age, one of its kind, AI driven, intuitive platform catering to personalized learning needs of modern learners, available anywhere, anytime, enabling “Learning on the GO”. Built on foundation of dynamic skills framework, stitched with a fabric of social learning, the platform surpassed the conventional model of learning by leveraging technology innovatively, providing an ecosystem that drives democratization of learning through rich universe of 2,63,000+ learning assets. With more than 100% growth in the number of learners, 5,63,000+ learning asset consumption since launch, SkillSity today is the go-to learning solution for current and future capability building.

Innovation Presentation

SkillSity was launched to deliver personalized and democratized learning while integrating work and learning more closely with each other using innovative technology.

The platform helps learners choose from a plethora of content with personalized recommendations driven by AI. Additionally, they can choose their preferred learning mediums like videos, articles, podcasts etc. It’s a true content delivery system, which makes modern content easy to find and consume. SkillSity delivers micro and macro blended learning modalities through its universe of content which is a rich mix, comprising of internal (contextual, gamified, immersive content) and external content repositories with providers like Harvard, Skillsoft, and MOOC providers like…

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