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Sinistro Sustentável (Sustainable Claim)

Bradesco Seguros
Social, Sustainable & Responsible

Elevator pitch

Collection of goods destined for recycling in homes and factories, fueling the circular economy, which creates opportunities for people in situation of social vulnerability

Innovation Presentation

With Bradesco Seguros' commitment to promoting the best service practices aligned with the preservation of the environment, the Sustainable Claim project was born. The project consists of a disruptive model of innovation that impacts the entire reality of the insurance market, as it radically transforms the way in which waste is disposed of, through a new operating model that ranges from scheduling and collecting salvage, to disposal and adequate final destination of these wastes. The action is also carried out in automotive workshops and dealerships that end up not having appropriate and sufficient space to store their automotive waste. As a result, ecological disposal in appropriate places also allows for the correct action of companies a…

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