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Seguros Unimed's integrated mobile solution to beneficiaries and the largest medical cooperative system in the world

Seguros Unimed
Product & Service Innovation 2021

Elevator pitch

From bricks-and-mortar to a health-insurtech: Seguros Unimed has developed and launched a mobile app which optimizes ease of use while offering a bundle of services related to insurance, banking and wellbeing.

Innovation Presentation

Seguros Unimed is a Brazilian insurance provider with more than 29 years of experience, 6 million clients nationwide mainly in the health but also in the general insurance market, 1.200 employees and revenues of R$ 3.26 billion in 2018. The organisation is part of the largest cooperative medical system in the world with 347 cooperatives spread throughout the country and together serve 18 million clients through 114 own hospitals and 2.611 accredited hospitals, accounting for a participation of 38% in the Brazilian health insurance market.

In 2016 Seguros Unimed decided to join the digital innovation trend, by developing customer-oriented solutions to reach better operational processes, improving the relationships with its customers and s…

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