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Sales-Mini-Metaverse for training sessions with switching client characters

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Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

Double the learning effect for sales agents with a virtual reality soft-skill training. With Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 glasses, our tied agents can simulate customer conversations using several sales techniques and meeting different customer personalities. This is an advanced soft skill learning experience targeting younger tied agents to improve sustainably their customer success – in addition, this training is highly convenient as the training starts whenever they are ready. The Net Promoter Score after using this tool is constantly high – 80 points.

Innovation Presentation

Experiences in VR are far more impactful than other online training and appointments (70% more effective than web based trainings). Besides the advanced and immersive experience, an additional side-effect is that none of the participants will answer emails or check the news on their mobile phones during the meeting. We as ERGO developed a Metaverse landscape within clients’ living rooms for soft skill trainings for young sales partners. Normally they are either in a training session without clients or – training on the job – with clients in real life. The VR-sales training combines both situations with 4 different client-avatars with natural voices and situated in realistic living room environments. As a mentor in the meeting, you will find…

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