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Rnwl Insurance Wallet

United Kingdom
Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Elevator pitch

AI-driven hyper-personalised insurance wallet that automatically organises and manages users' insurance portfolios

Innovation Presentation

Rnwl was born from the frustration experienced by Goncalo, its founder. It's too easy for consumers to lose track of what's insured, by whom, how much it costs, when it renews or where the documents are.

Rnwl's Insurance Wallet provides consumers with a sophisticated AI-driven and hyper-personalised view of their entire insurance portfolio across all insurers, organising and managing all their policies automatically. Rnwl's insurance wallet presents the users' insurance portfolio in an easy-to-understand and helpful format, and helps users manage their portfolio automatically.

Furthermore, Rnwl extracts policy details and cross-references data to allow running quotes with little or no input by the user. For example, it is now possible…

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