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Reputational Risk Insurance

United Kingdom
Product & Service Innovation 2021

Elevator pitch

Social media and rising public anger means that now, more than ever, companies face a pressing need for financial protection from reputational crises and also the means to engage with reputational signals intelligence.

Innovation Presentation

At a time of unprecedented cultural, political, social and environmental change, reputation has emerged as a principal intangible asset and the key driver of value for the average company. For public-facing companies in particular, the acceleration and amplification of bad news through the media demands an urgent and coordinated response as reputational damage is inflicted faster and deeper than ever before.

While business leaders recognise the importance of reputation, they may lack the ability to understand and act upon reputational data, making crises hard to plan for and respond to effectively. Additionally company boards are being held to account over their ability to mitigate the financial risks associated with reputational conduc…

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