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Repair innovation (3D printing LIDAR & Synthetic Data)

IAG -Insurance Australia Group
Product & Service Innovation

Elevator pitch

IAG Firemark's repair research and innovation center is using a cutting edge technology to combat the rising cost of motor repair.

Innovation Presentation

IAG Firemark is focused on combatting the rising cost of vehicle repair and sustainability concerns in the motor repair sector through a combination of AI, 3D printing and mechanical innovation.

The team looks at defining the cost to repair a vehicle in order to reduce claims leakage. The common practice to determine the surface area of a vehicle part for painting is to use a blanket with evenly spaced markings placed over the part and the markings counted. This is a slow and laborsome process. The team linked up with the IAG Firemark Labs capability to innovate this process using a combination of LiDar scanning, AI and synthetic data. The data science function were able to translate the LiDar scanned vehicle into an accurate surface are…

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