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Remedee Labs


Elevator pitch

Remedee Labs, a French start-up that is part of Future4care’s accelerator program, has developed and refined the first non-invasive neuromodulation solution that revolutionizes chronic pain management. In December 2022, the company has entered in a partnership with Generali France, providing Remedee Labs with the resources to accelerate the commercialization of its solution both domestically and abroad. Additionally, the partnership enables Remedee Labs to continue to advance its neuromodulation technology and broaden its range of services.

Innovation Presentation

To improve the quality of life of the 1.5 billion people worldwide suffering from chronic pain, Remedee Labs has developed and patented the first individual endorphin stimulator based on millimetre waves. This innovative bracelet is connected, easy to use, and helps stimulate the body’s naturel painkillers to provide long-term relief.

However, improving the quality of life of chronic pain patients requires an integrated approach that addresses all aspects of a person’s well-being. Therefore, Remedee Labs has also developed a comprehensive service around the bracelet that includes personalized support from health coaches, a digital service platform, and real-life data to attest to the solution’s effectiveness.

Generali, a leading ins…

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