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Reinsurance Blockchain Platform

China Life Insurance Company Ltd..
Connected Ecosystems & Marketplaces

Elevator pitch

A new infrastructure for connected insurance ecosystem to enhance trust, security and improve service efficiency for a large scale of high-net-worth customers

Innovation Presentation

China Life is an industry leader in China’s life insurance industry, with a registered capital of nearly $4.12 billion. It has been a pace-setter in China’s life insurance market and is known as the “mainstay” of China’s insurance industry. In 2022, China Life registered a premium income of nearly $89.57 billion. Reinsurance plays an important role in supporting high-net-worth individual and corporate customers, as well as stabilizing company operations.

This project takes the cutting-edge blockchain technology as a bridge to establish a new mode of reinsurance interaction between China Life and China Re (the leading reinsurance company in China). We established a reinsurance blockchain platform to meet the rapidly growing demands of re…

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