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QWorld Digital Ecosystem

Quick Sigorta (Maher Holdings)
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

Qport is the most comprehensive integrated marketing ecosystem of the Turkish Insurance industry, offering end-to-end 360-degree solutions to customers and agencies.

Innovation Presentation

Quick Insurance was founded in May 2017 and digital was our focus since the beginning. And we are digitally growing. We were planning to establish a technology-oriented, digital but social digital insurance company. By using digital technologies, we have boot-strapped our business both in B2C and agencies with only a small core team. Digital is in our every field from social media to social responsibility projects and to agency processes. Thanks to the digital ecosystem that we have created here, we run the business with 30 people.

If we look at the Digital world of Quick Insurance, we can say that Quick Insurance uses digitalization in its all business processes.

QPort is Quick Insurance's agency, product and marketing management pla…

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