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The translation of the old Italian tradition of Caffé Sospeso (Suspended coffee) into the insurance world to offer health protection to those that cannot afford it

Innovation Presentation

In the old In the old times, in Naples, when someone was particularly happy, used to pay for 2 coffees instead of one, leaving the second coffee to someonelse. This second coffee was called “caffè sospeso” (suspended coffee) and, from time to time, a poor person was showing up in the bar asking if there was any “caffè sospeso” available. If so, the poor person could enjoy a cup of coffee for free.

This tradition is still alive in Naples and in other cities around the world and it represents, for us, a real example of inclusive economy because happy customers are willing to pay more to share with poor persons what is good for them, not just money.

Moving towards AXA and the insurance world, it is quite some time that we speak about inc…

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