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Project Economy

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

With the world moving towards Innovative Disruption where new opportunities are created and existing ways of work is challenged, continuous upskilling through diverse projects and focussed learning interventions is the new norm. Hence, with the fast changes around workforce transformation became the key focus for all. We at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. truly believe that for us the year of pandemic was an Opportunity -An opportunity for adaptability, quick thinking, innovation and collaboration. To capitalize on current changing scenario and to identify emerging trends- innovation and collaboration, transformation is more essential than ever. We are proud to have a new concept of internal Gig working in our company called as – PROJECT ECONOMY -our Internal GIG marketplace within BAGIC’. It is an intervention where cross functional teams come together to work on a live business project and get recognized and rewarded based on the business outcome.

Innovation Presentation

Built on experiential learning and cross-functional collaboration framework, Project Economy enables employees to try out new roles and skills within the organization while carrying out their regular job. The program helps unearth and fuel right skills in right projects to meet defined organizational objectives. Thereby, providing a great of gig culture where knowledge and project shall be free flowing across the organization.

Through this project, the focus of BAGIC is on being:
• Change maker
• Capitalizing costs
• Cross-functional collaboration
• Managing risks for better outcomes

This indeed is the Project way of doing things rather than BAU way of doing things

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