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PROHEALTHINSURANCE.CA: Income Insurance – Accident

Humania Assurance
Core Insurance Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

The Income Insurance – Accident developed by Humania Assurance is the first Disability Insurance in Canada that accepts ALL occupations and offers 100% digital instant issue. Regardless of the class of risk, a client can be covered by our Income Insurance. This is a game changing innovation in the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Industry. A Disability Insurance product with only ONE health question and issued in minutes! The answer is YES. This is now possible. This game changing innovation will increase borkers' productivity for two main reasons: First, the access to untapped market. Secondly, the possibility to use a new and highly efficient web platform. From a customer perspective, now this innovative product allows thousands of Canadians to be covered who were previously not insurable.

Innovation Presentation

The Income Insurance – accident developed by Humania Assurance is a game changing innovation because it had fulfilled critical unmet wishes that brokers had about Disability Insurance: a Disability Insurance with no medical exam, with only one health question and issued online in minutes! By responding to these very important issues for the industry, Humania Assurance has made Income Insurance truly accessible to all Canadians.

A game changing innovation in Disability Insurance in Canada

The first major point of this game changing innovation relates to the user experience. Selling into the actual economic context require innovation and transformation of sales processes. Humania Assurance used Design thinking to provide digital, custom…

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