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"Por um Mundo sem Rótulos" (For a World without Labels)

Ageas Portugal
Social, Sustainable & Responsible

Elevator pitch

The Ageas Portugal Group is a pioneer in social inclusion in Portugal, being the first at national level to have four associations of a social nature exploring four of the common spaces in its two buildings (Lisbon and Porto). This is one of the goals of the insurance group, which believes that we can all contribute to a fairer society, where inclusion is a priority. It was with this in mind that the company launched the motto "For a World Without Labels", presented through a conference followed by an event celebrating diversity, making differences a reason for unity, to promote dialogue and sharing, debating the role of organisations in social inclusion.

Innovation Presentation

Many companies announce strategies for diversity and inclusion, but few turn words into action. The Ageas Portugal Group took the next step and with the objective of helping to change lives and transforming opportunities into hope, created the concept "For a world without labels". There are still thousands of people who continue to be excluded from professional or social opportunities because of their characteristics, both physical and mental, that make them different - no human being is the same as another - and the way society looks at them and labels them negatively.

The Ageas Portugal Group wants to amplify the collective change towards a world without labels, because it believes that we all can contribute to a fairer society, in whi…

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