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MiAbot (Mapfre Intelligent Assistance bot)

Mapfre S. A.
Customer Experience 2021

Elevator pitch

Because there are other ways to engage, MiAbot, here to help you now

Innovation Presentation

What would you think if I told you that you could create a roadside assistance service from whatsApp in less than two minutes? I am talking about generating a service in our system so that it can be assigned to the best possible provider. All in real-time with no human agent involved. This is MiAbot, our intelligent assistant for customer service delivery 24/7. When a customer requests a roadside assistance service through WhatsApp. MiAbot engages in the conversation and paves the way for the customer to create the service by her/himself.

Thanks to the use of AI with data analytics, automation and system integrations, we empower our customers to generate a roadside assistance service in an intuitive and efficient manner, controlling the…

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