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MAPFRE Firewall Mindset.

Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

Creative gamification campaign that seeks to improve prevention and raise awareness of cyber risks among 32.000 employees in more than 30 countries, contributing to create a cyberculture in the company.

Innovation Presentation

MAPFRE Firewall Mindset is a digital cybersecurity awareness campaign for MAPFRE worldwide. It effectively transforms people's habits and behaviors to become the last security barrier against cyber-attacks. Thanks to an innovative methodology based on gamification and storytelling, we've achieved results with a minimal investment of time and resources, through an entertaining and addictive online experience.

It is divided into three seasons, each with three episodes, containing six impacts per episode, in accordance with a well-proven methodology. The first case of each season is an animated webisode where the plot of the FMA (The Firewall Mindset Agency) is developed, featuring characters such as Pil, Mark, and Phantomas. Cases two and…

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