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Multiasistencia Group
Core Insurance Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

Macarena goes beyond conversational artificial intelligence. Our AI voicebot for a fully automated home claims FNOL and steering is a true companion for the customer. In just 4 minutes, she handles the customer call without human intervention, understands the damage reported by the client, makes decisions about its coverage based a on full repository of policy conditions, business rules and company instructions and sets an appointment for the policy holder to receive personalized repairing service at home.

Innovation Presentation

MACARENA, our innovative AI voicebot for a 100% automated First Notice of Loss in home insurance claims, is based on Natural Language Processing, suported by Google, Amazon and Microsoft services. Despite the large amount of voicebots in the market, Macarena goes one step further. It takes into account a large variety of terms and narratives to perfectly understand customers´ frequent expressions and match them with specialists´ vocabulary. To make its own decisions and steer to best possible solution, Macarena takes into consideration a wide historic phone call data base. Its flexible infrastructure, allows constant updating with new cases. On top of that, Macarena benefits from complementary and exhaustive information provided by our ´sma…

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