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Liberty Help Me!

Liberty Seguros Brasil
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

It is a “google” for the sales team that answers the main questions quickly and intuitively. Built with a robust process of content creation and validation with the involvement of 20 different areas of the company. It also has smart resources for research and continuous improvement.

Innovation Presentation

The project started from the need to answer the main questions of the sales team quickly and online, reduce the number of contacts with the head office areas for repeated questions coming from different people and standardize knowledge for the entire team.

The functionality was created on the sales team's CRM home screen where it is possible to enter the question or keywords of the desired information and the search engine shows the corresponding results.

The functionality also has resources for the user to “like” or “dislike” the content, generating instant feedback for each content and for the writer of each subject.

Within each content, there can be videos, gifs, manuals, files, shortcuts to actions within the CRM and even links…

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