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Liberty Digital Way

Liberty Insurance
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

Liberty has committed to becoming a fully digital organisation. In March 2021, Liberty Insurance committed to remote working as its go-forward working model, the latest step in advancing on this transformation process.

Innovation Presentation

To put people first, be more efficient and respond to the expectations of flexibility required by the best talent in the market, and so that those who work at Liberty can work anywhere in their home country, allowing them to adapt their professional life to suit their personal lives, Liberty rolled out its 100% digital remote working model.

The company now requires all staff, including its senior leadership team, to primarily work remotely in future, with the option of spending up to 2 days per week in the office to carry out specific activities or hold face-to-face meetings.

Under the slogan "Liberty, Best Place to Be", the new working model applies to its nearly 2,000 employees across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain and Portugal a…

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