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Leveraging technology for workforce transformation to quickly adapt during the pandemic times

IndiaFirst Life Insurance
Workforce Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

Effectively leveraging technology for safeguarding and transforming the ecosystem available to our employees by quickly responding to the pandemic. The intervention described is a sum total of a series of sub-interventions from various domains like employee welfare, employee support, leadership communication, employee engagement and workforce upskilling.

Innovation Presentation

Workforce Transformation
The Story Behind the Project - HR C.A.R.E.
At IndiaFirst Life, we live and breathe our philosophy of EmployeeFirst (which broadly means that employees are our biggest and the most valuable assets). Accordingly, it was crucial to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees during the unprecedented COVID crisis. In doing so, the first step was to shift our daily corporate operations completely online in a matter of one week; even before the national lockdown was announced. During this time, the transformation was possible only due to technology. Teams started to work safely from their homes without worrying about information security. Virtual meetings and trainings became the “New Normal”. The same environmen…

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