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John Hancock offers GRAIL’s Galleri multi-cancer early detection test to customers

John Hancock Financial Services
United States
Product & Service Innovation

Elevator pitch

John Hancock became the first life insurance carrier to offer access to GRAIL's multi-cancer early detection test to customers, a significant milestone for our industry in shifting the focus of traditional life insurance by expanding our focus beyond death benefits to also address living longer, healthier, better lives. Within months of a successful pilot program, John Hancock expanded access to the Galleri test to all eligible customers, while exploring other potential expansions for the future.

Innovation Presentation

In September 2022, John Hancock became the first life insurance carrier to make Galleri, an innovative multi-cancer early detection test from the healthcare-technology company GRAIL, available to a pilot group of customers. Galleri uses a simple blood draw to screen for more than 50 types of cancer, most of which lack recommended screening tests. It can also help determine where in the body cancer may be located and then guide diagnostic follow up.

The pilot was available to a group of approximately 8,000 customers participating in the John Hancock Vitality Program, which combines life insurance with a technology-enabled program that offers education, support, incentives, and rewards designed to help and encourage customers to live heal…

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