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Interactive Insurance Comparison Engine

Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

The platform provides detailed and always actual comparative analyses of insurance products available on the market and enables better monitoring of changes in the products offered by other insurers. Smart bots scan webpages of leading insurers 3 times a day. Employees of the sales support area received a valuable tool to support effective care of product knowledge.

Innovation Presentation

Insurance industry business landscape is defined by continuous development of the product offer. There is a product development race for even the smallest advantages in the offer. Trying to keep the customers updated, they receive more and more messages convincing them to choose the offer. There comes a price pressure – customers seek the lowest price and being able to find it is positioned as a skill. We want to empower our agents to better serve customers. In such dynamic environment, transferring knowledge in accessible and attractive way is crucial for sales support development.

We also observe operational challenges in monitoring the scope of insurance market. Preparation of comparisons is very labour-intensive and time-consuming. T…

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