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Baloise Insurance
Connected Insurance & Ecosystems 2021

Elevator pitch

Sharing solutions are awesome: I share what I currently don’t need with you and make some money. But what the two of us also share unwillingly is the risk. We fill this protection gap

Innovation Presentation

Sharing models are popping up everywhere, whether it is car sharing, camper sharing or clothes sharing. The idea is always very simple: A platform provider wants to engage owners of certain goods to rent out the object of desire they currently don’t need to a wider audience for a short time. Thus, it is a pure win-win-win case: The owner makes some extra money by renting out his object, the renter just pays for the time used and the platform owner earns a commission fee for matching owners and renters. In reality it is – unfortunately – not always that easy. What happens if the goods are returned damaged? What if the renter causes a car accident with a shared car? What if I don’t even want to rent out my camper as I have a high end interior…

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