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Innovative corporate and social problem-solving service through a data ecosystem that goes beyond the provision of insurance

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
Connected Insurance & Ecosystems 2021

Elevator pitch

By forming a data ecosystem with all kinds of industries and companies, we can manage risks that could not be approached in the past, and protect companies, communities, and the earth from accidents and natural disasters to realize a hazard-free world.

Innovation Presentation

In recent years, with the increase of various risks such as natural disasters and other social issues, there is a need for contributions that go beyond the provision of insurance, such as not only compensation in the event of an accident, but also support for the entire business of a company from the prevention of accidents and disasters and the identification of signs of accidents. In order to respond to these needs, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (MSI) envisioned new services utilizing data and launched RisTech (Risk × Technology) in May 2019 as the industry's first new service, forming and utilizing a data ecosystem with client companies and partners regardless of industry.
Data scientists from MSI and its partners will visualize, predict,…

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