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Plymouth Rock Assurance
Product & Service Innovation 2021

Elevator pitch

@Home is the fastest and easiest way to insure a home or rental. Its enabling technology is built on massive amounts of data and cutting-edge predictive modeling techniques to make the customer experience surprisingly delightful.

Innovation Presentation

Insurers have traditionally used data, analytics and technology to improve their pricing, processes and profitability. In other words, the industry’s innovation has been used to help themselves, not the customer.

For home insurance, this inward focus results in the worst customer experience two thousand dollars can buy. The lengthy and often confusing process to apply for home insurance has been the industry norm for decades. Customers answer dozens of questions that few people know how to answer offhand – like the age of the roof and the percentage of floor that is carpeted. Errors from memory and guesswork result in inaccurate quotes and less protection than the policyholder desires. Homeowners are discouraged from ever shopping for a…

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