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Healthy Heart ("Gesundes Herz")

Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Elevator pitch

The healthy heart includes a holistic heart health journey. Prevention, lifestyle modification and early detection are promoted through digital components.

Innovation Presentation

The journey to a healthy heart started about 3 years ago. At that time, the focus was on the further development of the cardiology product portfolio. We did something crazy from the perspective of that time - we included other people an other perspectives.

Piece by piece, we put together information and needs from our customers and our partners. Together with trends and market developments, these were blended and combined into a target image known as "Healthy Heart".

We will not be able to solve the future challenges in healthcare with pure supply contracts. What is needed is an ecosystem and an interplay of different products and services that allow for a long-term and sustainable health journey.

Therefore, the project team has…

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