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Health First strategy

Cathay Life
Connected Ecosystems & Marketplaces

Elevator pitch

Health First: Cathay life’s Agile and Digital Approach to insurance.

Innovation Presentation

These four focus areas allow Cathay Life Insurance to provide the most complete health coverage in the industry.

1. Wellness Engagement
Cathay Life Insurance has recently launched a wellness program called "FitBack" that is integrated into the Cathay Life App. It is designed to serve as a constant reminder and motivation for customers to remain committed to their health goals, upgrade their membership levels, and receive rewards. FitBack has partnered with cross-industry partners, such as Decathlon, Garmin, and 7-Eleven, to provide health-oriented tasks for customers.
In response to the trends of climate change, aging society, and future talent shortage, Cathay Life Insurance has established "climate, health, and empowerment" as the th…

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