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Customer Experience 2021

Elevator pitch

Mental health conditions are one of the most common reasons people claim at TAL and we want to support them by providing practical, evidence-based resources. For that reason, Headlight, TAL’s online preventative mental health tool was developed and has helped thousands of Australians access tailored mental health support.

Innovation Presentation

Mental health is an incredibly important topic for us all to be aware of so we can encourage conversations in an open and accepting environment and help people be well and thrive. At TAL, mental health conditions are one of the most common reasons for claim, and we see firsthand the impact mental health can have on our superannuation fund partners’ members.

We look at health holistically at TAL, and for us that means considering physical health, mental health, and financial health. To best deliver on our health strategy, TAL’s dedicated Innovation team are aware of the need to continually evolve our products and practices, keeping pace with ever changing community expectations and needs.

We have continued to be actively engaged with…

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