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Guided Telehealth Care

Allianz Partners
Social, Sustainable & Responsible

Elevator pitch

We are tackling medical inflation head on to demonstrate our commitment and social responsibility to our members and the industry as a whole. Our Guided Telehealth Care program offers the ultimate convenience to our members by providing them with unlimited live consultations with licensed healthcare professionals, in addition to various other digital health tools. The customer’s journey is monitored from start to finish by a dedicated team, ensuring improved outcomes and significant cost savings for the client.

Innovation Presentation

While gatekeeping and triage are far from new concepts in healthcare, the traditional model inevitably results in inefficiencies and, ultimately, inconvenience to members. We combine savings from gatekeeping with added convenience by offering the service through digital channels, so members figuratively have their care team in their pocket.

Combining the virtual consultations with other digital tools such as AI symptom checker, online drug delivery, and appointment booking leads to an empowered and aware member who can access healthcare whenever, wherever.

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