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Generali Smart Automation Platform

Assicurazioni Generali (Italy)
Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Elevator pitch

The Generali Smart Automation Platform is the first platform created at Group level in collaboration with Generali Italia to provide automation and artificial intelligence services to Generali countries worldwide. With over 35 APIs and replicable reusable use cases developed by Generali for Generali, the Smart Automation Platform is a scalable technology across companies, geographies and businesses that combines Artificial Intelligence with traditional automation technologies to make processes faster and more efficient. Typical examples of reusable services, like the extraction of the amounts from a receipt, signature detection, comprehension of an ID document or detect topics within a document, are applicable in multiple processes and use cases, making possible to reinvent and enhance our customer experience and our processes. The Smart Automation Platform radically improves customers experience and anticipate their needs by simplifying interactions and speeding up processes

Innovation Presentation

Smart Automation plays a key role in the insurance industry. For Generali it represents a strategic lever to improve operational efficiency and achieve our Lifetime Partner ambition. It promotes better customer outcomes and experience, improved organizational agility, happier colleagues, and a more sustainable business.
Automatic document understanding and management, evaluate frauds or damage by simply analysing the picture of a claims, virtual assistant to support customers and agents are just few examples of the disruptive potential that Smart Automation is bringing to the insurance sector.

The idea is born to reply a simple question: how can we support to improve our customer experience of 70M Generali customers in our +50 countrie…

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