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Generali Investments Citizen Developers Program

Generali Investments
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

We want to unlock each team's full potential and drive digital innovation from the ground up with the citizen developer program! Empowering employees to create their own automation solutions using low-code software robots and transform our way of working. The citizen developer program allows non-technical staff to become tech-savvy problem solvers, accelerating processes and improving efficiency.

Innovation Presentation

Smart Automation is one of the key levers to execute digital transformation and improve customer experience

Smart Automation is a modern approach to generate business value, radically improving user experiences by simplifying interactions and speeding up processes, reducing repetitive and replicable tasks, understanding how activities are executed and emulating human behaviors. It is achieved and improved by leveraging a set of emerging software technologies combined with traditional process redesign that can be brought to scale in selected areas of the value chain, with limited impact on existing systems and limited invasiveness on underlying IT applications. In the definition of Smart Automation are included technologies such as RPA, I…

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