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Gamificação para Força de Vendas (Gamification for the Sales Team)

Liberty Seguros Brasil
Workforce Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

It is an innovative project that uses game elements and techniques to achieve business goals, build a high performance team, increase adoption in commercial tools and methods, and connect strategy, performance and technical and behavioral development actions.

Innovation Presentation

The project added elements from the gaming world to our sales team systems and processes. The visual elements and dynamics of the game help to make routine tasks a pleasant and motivating experience in addition to proving to be a great ally in the dissemination of the culture of sharing Good Practices among the sales team.

The game helps cascade national, regional and local strategy through missions and activities. With instant feedback according to sales performance, commercial actions, training, and various activities, the sales team embarks on a journey of building a team of excellence to take advantage of people's full potential.

The company's strategy is connected through each element of the game such as progress bar, levels, bad…

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