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FWD Smart Insurance Framework: AI-Everywhere

FWD Insurance Group
Hong Kong
Core Insurance Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

Our FWD Smart Insurance Framework aims to enable AI along the entire customer journey, across various touchpoints, delivering fresh & improved customer experience.

Innovation Presentation

Led by our customers’ needs and vision to change the way people feel about insurance, FWD Group Data developed a ‘Smart Insurance Framework’ which sees the business embarking on a ‘AI-everywhere’ approach. The platform has transformed the entire insurance journey for both our customers and employees with the use of advanced technologies and AI power.

To create a simpler and smoother insurance experience for our customers, we recognized the need of a modern data architecture framework that improves operation efficiency internally and convenience externally. Started in June 2020, a Group Office Data Platform (GODP) has been built to streamline and integrate all our data into a single platform which is smart, secured and scalable. This pla…

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