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Elevator pitch

Launched in June 2021, Future4care is a European start-ups accelerator program that aims to federate a unique ecosystem in order to accelerate progress in digital health. Future4care supports the development of French and international e-health solutions in their scaling up. . It is also a digital health ecosystem that will bring together 4 founders, health care providers, academic stakeholders, patient associations and an investor network. Future4care acts as a true catalyst, identifying the most relevant and promising digital health startups and supporting them to accelerate their growth, development and market launch for the benefit of healthcare professionals and customers.

Innovation Presentation

In June 2021, Generali has co-created this European accelerator program that focused on digital health together with Orange, Sanofi and Capgemini. Future4care is also a prospective space for, with its Institute which notably consists in a Think Tank and training sessions.

Future4care has a digital platform and a physical campus in the center of Paris.
Indeed, located in the heart of Paris, the accelerator occupies an enormous space of 6,400m2 to host the entire ecosystem (startups, corporates, strategic partners, experts…), the building has the capacity to host 1000 people.
The campus consists of different Labs where startups, patients and health professionals can develop, test and evaluate their solutions:

- The Data…

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