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Fund transaction through blockchain

Generali France
Core Insurance Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

Use blockchain technology to transform our Unit-linked model on asset side, crunch transaction costs and create a direct link between buy-side and sale-side

Innovation Presentation

Generali France is processing 250 thousand order on funds (to cover Unit-linked policies) per year through classical schemes via custodians ? The aim is to generate a direct link with asset managers for trading shares of funds without using the costly transfer agent of custodians.
For this purpose, Generali France has recently invested in a startup called Iznes, developing a trading platform on funds based on the blockchain technology. And Generali is currently working on connecting its IT and operations to the innovative blockchain platform of Iznes.
This innovation can serve all middle and back offices of investments departments and asset management companies. It crunches transaction costs and creates a direct link between bu…

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