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Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Elevator pitch

The happy way to process your claim. End-to-end automation of communication, processing and settlement, like never before: all it takes is one interaction, without human intervention in less than three minutes.

Innovation Presentation

Reporting claims to the insurer is often a complicated process for users and they almost always seem to take longer than expected to sort out. After reporting the claim, customers say that they find it difficult to complete the various steps of the process, that the amount of information required is sometimes overwhelming, and that they are unsure how everything will turn out in the end. In fact, negative claims experiences are the main reason customers switch carrier. From the company’s point of view, the situation isn’t much better: processing claims is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Human involvement is required, even in the simplest of cases, and more so when an adjuster needs to inspect and verify the damage in person.


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