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ERGO / Air Doctor travel insurance services

Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Elevator pitch

Travelers can simply book appointments with doctors of their choice anytime, anywhere i.e. based on location, language, customer review etc. And they don’t have to pay the doctors out of their own pocket. Therefore, the Net Promoter Score is constantly over 85.

Innovation Presentation

Together with the Israeli start-up Air Doctor, ERGO Reiseversicherung offers customers a unique service for medical care abroad: find the right doctors nearby easily and digitally and book appointments, no worries about payment and administration – no advance payment, damage report and billing. The customer journey that you wish for when you have to see a doctor abroad.

It is usually difficult to find fast and qualified medical help on the spot in travel countries without communication problems (language), as well as to arrange appointments promptly and easily and to get treatment. The financial advance payment (partly high bills) is often annoying, as is the subsequent settlement with the insurer. In addition, for many customers the rei…

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