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Employee Mood Monitor | eMood® | proven contribution to more happiness at work, lower absenteeism, higher productivity and customer satisfaction

ASR Nederlands
Workforce Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

As an employer, you want to have a grip on the well-being of your employees, on early signs of demotivation, overload and decreasing involvement. Our tool 'Employee Mood Monitor' (eMood) offers a fully automated pulse-check and short-cycle insight into the employe-mood and well-being within the organisation and within teams on a weekly basis. This makes it possible to make timely adjustments. As a result, eMood has proven to contribute to more happiness at work, lower absenteeism, higher productivity and therefore, to more organisational succes.

Innovation Presentation

Employee Mood Monitor - alias eMood® - is a fully-automated weekly pulse check with feedback loop to monitor the organisational mood.

When we launched eMood at a.s.r. in April 2020, we were overwhelmed by the impressive employee participation numbers, which have been at a consistently high level for over a year now (approx. 2500-2600 employees participate weekly).

What is eMood:
1) Employees rate 3 short varying statements in 9 seconds on their Happiness at work, Vitality and Productivity, via laptop or mobile phone weekly
2) Data is automatically processed into an anonymised dashboard. All managers receive an email with the dashboard of their own team weekly.
3) The mood score of the entire organisation is published weekly on t…

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