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Digitalized cards in e-wallets

APRIL Santé Prévoyance
Customer Experience 2021

Elevator pitch

For a smooth and seamless experience during your health care pathway, or when driving, download your card in the e-wallet of your smartphone and access anywhere, anytime, off-line, to your personalised insurance information. When you need it most, your card will always be available in your e-wallet! Formalities will be made easy, and advance payment avoided.

Innovation Presentation

Third-party payment cards, e-cards for expatriates, green cards for drivers or construction ten-year civil liability certificates are often forgotten, lost or outdated. This can generate pain points since customers then may have to pay a fine, delay their treatment, lose a business, or advance payment when going to the pharmacy or other health professionals, and claim for reimbursement thereafter.

APRIL, partnering with Captain Wallet, leader in the mobile wallet marketing, simplifies its customers’ life, allowing them to have their personalised insurance card directly in their e-wallet. No more need to have the card printed, nor to download an app to access a dematerialised card!

Customers receive an encrypted and secured link by em…

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