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Digital Healthcare Platform (DHP) [non-final branding]

AXA Group
Connected Ecosystems & Marketplaces

Elevator pitch

DHP is creating an open healthcare ecosystem to improve healthcare service outcome and patient experience by driving market players direct collaboration, smart service orchestration, secured and compliant data sharing and analytics.

Innovation Presentation

Healthcare is changing. Healthcare costs are reaching a breaking point, but the impetus for change is motivated as much by the stagnation (or worse) of clinical productivity, health outcomes, and consumer satisfaction as it is by waste and inefficiency. The situation is both dire and baffling, especially given the incredible developments in medical research and the advances in our understanding of human health.

AXA is committed to become a real Partner rather than just a Payer and to act for human progress by protecting what matters, and as consequence, AXA and Microsoft, launched an innovative digital health ecosystem to reduce the fragmentation in healthcare delivery, simplify the patient journey and increase the efficiency of trans…

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