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Digital Access to Care – Your personal health assistant

Allianz Partners
Product & Service Innovation

Elevator pitch

The AI-enabled telehealth platform that provides medical advice as instantly and conveniently as a friendly conversation!

Innovation Presentation

> Investments in health innovation have been skyrocketing over the past few years – but how many end-customers actually do have access to these innovations? Do you also feel the big headlines have not reached our everyday lives yet?

> That’s what we wanted to change! More specifically, we want to tackle three issues
1) Combining innovative health services into a powerful portfolio of services
2) Making the access to this portfolio of services as easy as possible
3) Ensuring that a vast number of end-consumer can benefit from our services

> … and so we developed your Digital Health Assistant: she combines a Symptom Checker, a Doctor Chat, and additional health services such as Teleconsultation all via your favorite messenger! We…

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