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Elevator pitch

With the rise of green micro-mobility options, and the growing trend towards pay-per-use and shared mobility, traditional insurance solutions are lagging behind in meeting the new demands of mobility with policies that are vehicle-related, and yearly priced without relation to usage. At Datafolio, we acknowledge the transformation of the mobility landscape and we have built a customized insurance for the users of these alternative modes of transport (bikes, e-scooters, etc.).

Innovation Presentation

Datafolio is a French broker specialized in the use of data for mobility risk management, offering a simple and innovative solution: 100% pay-as-you-go insurance based only on kilometers travelled and risk exposure. Thanks to advanced real-time mobility data collection, Datafolio delivers its users a customized insurance pricing based on their personal usage patterns and driving behavior.

The innovative technology behind Datafolio’s solution was conceived by the tech and data team, who developed in-house APIs to collect real-time mobility and a dedicated application. Once gathered, the data is then analyzed by machine learning algorithms, determing the real risk taken by individuals (type of vehicles, driving speed, acceleration), and i…

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