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Culture Transformation Journey

UNIQA Insurance Group
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

With ambitions to become a market-leading service provider and talent magnet, UNIQA Insurance Group knew that it needed to change its company culture, but it couldn’t do so overnight. The company is taking an unconventional approach to foster its target culture through Experimentation and Storytelling Journeys that invite every employee to make their own personal contribution to culture change.

Innovation Presentation

UNIQA wanted to shape its culture in a way that enables people to react quickly, learn from mistakes, spread responsibility more widely and collaborate beyond conventional boundaries.

NIQA established a Culture Office to be a knowledge center on the topic of cultural change. Using the UNIQA 3.0 strategy as a base, UNIQA’s Group Executive Board and Culture Office prioritized three Guiding Principles (Ownership, Community and Simplicity) in the company’s goal to transform UNIQA into a compelling service provider that is relentlessly focused on its customers. The Culture Office worked with Accenture to develop innovative initiatives that empowered UNIQA’s people to become “Inspiring Coaches” who take action on culture change and support cus…

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