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Conversational AI Platform driven by Personal Insights for Life Insurance Application

RBC Wealth Management
Core Insurance Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

An AI Chatbot that leverages profile data and context to pose the “Next Best Question” with a “Pause and Resume capability" and “Multi-Device and Multi-Channel” support

Innovation Presentation

RBC Insurance processes tens of thousands of life and health insurance applications every year. To complete the underwriting process, a staff member must schedule an interview with potential clients and conduct a lengthy phone call with the client to ask a number of health-related questions according to a standard script.

A cross-functional team developed a patented solution to automate the process using a Reflexive, Conversational AI driven Platform, available 24/7, on demand, in client’s language preference, via voice or chat on computer, tablet, or phone on demand.
The results from the tele-interview is fed to the “Robo-underwriter” which analyzes the digital transcript and results from lab tests, historical claims data and demogra…

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