Insurance Trend #5: Commercial line transformation

Commercial insurance is going through a transformation as insurance providers come to market with more innovative offerings, seek to make more effective use of digital channels for service and distribution, and strive to offer commercial customers a more transparent, seamless experience with their offerings.

Publish date: 25 February 2021
Author: Bold Penguin
Theme : Corporate insurance

As disruption unfolds in this market, we will see the digital leaders seize a clear advantage. Among the innovations we saw in commercial insurance this year, these three awards entries stood out as examples of commercial insurers creating powerful new digital experiences for intermediaries and customers.

Chubb (US)

Worldview from Chubb is a digital platform for clients and their brokers that offers customers an end-to-end view of their relationship with Chubb.

It allows customers and brokers to effectively manage and seamlessly track all aspects of the risk management and insurance process with features such as AI-based contract translation. Chubb in 2019 added a range of capabilities to the platform such as interactive data visualization and digitized workflows for the insured, brokers and Chubb experts and underwriters.

Bold Penguin (US)

The Bold Penguin Exchange is a commercial insurance marketplace that connects small and medium enterprises, agents, and carriers. It matches them in record time with its own universal interview application and translates hundreds of variations of custom question sets into one single standard. The Bold Penguin Exchange was launched in response to the friction in the small business commercial insurance buying process. The exchange addresses the need to modernize the industry while maintaining the human connection that remains foundational in the commercial insurance process.


Cube is a unique risk innovation incubator where solutions are unknown at the start and are developed and co-created directly with AXA XL’s clients. The process combines industry and AXA XL insights, new technology knowledge and best of breed innovation techniques. The program comprises a series of workshops in which AXA XL and its clients experiment and test new solutions, ultimately resulting in a prototype and a supporting business case. Over the course of the program, clients have access to a team of innovation, digital and analytics experts, risk specialists and, when relevant, to some of AXA XL’s technology partners.

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